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Inspiration Is Key

The Home Buyers/Ownership conference is a free educational event that connects potential & existing homeowners with the resources they need to achieve their goal of becoming a homeowner, maximizing equity as a current home owner or looking into real estate as a career choice whether flipping a house/real estate agent and/or pursuing a career in commercial real estate or lending. Our expected attendance of 300+ guests can expect an all inclusive Lunch while taking advantage of 4 workshops, credit counselors lounge & a on-site loan pavilion for same day pre-qual for anyone wanting to buy a house. 

Learn Better Home Buying Tips

 The Home Buyer/Ownership Conference allows prospective & existing homeowners to come from all over California and to gain practical advice from professional counselors, realtors, mortgage lenders and builders. Most of all this conference puts a little incentive behind the importance of financial Literacy taught in our workshops.

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